Debs Park is an amazing place that allows you to step away from the metropolis Los Angeles and into nearly 300 acres of nature within just a few feet.  It even provides everything you need to make that happen comfortably with kiddos.

At the front office, you can check out the following for free: Binoculars for kids, backpacks, BOB strollers, baby carriers, nature notebooks, butterfly wings, art supplies, and so much more.

A sign that invites kids “to play, get wet and dirty…look under leaves…crawl through a tunnel or climb on a rock” really encompasses the heart behind this spacial place.  They truly want kids to not just watch and admire nature, but also interact!

The narrower and steeper trails were tough for little legs, but there are trails for all levels.  For more information about this incredible place, be sure to visit their website: