Heaps Peak Arboretum is a beautiful park with fairly flat and well maintained trails making it a perfect place to visit year round.   Winter time, though, is our favorite time to visit.   Being that we live in Southern California, we have little experience with hiking in the snow.  The Sequoia Trail allowed us experience an easy hike with the magic snow without needing any special equipment.

One of our favorite parts about this trail is the Giant Sequoia Grove.  This grove is unique because these tree are usually found further north.  These majestic trees are only a few of the things along this trail that makes it so special.

The Sequoia Trail is a well marked nature trail that is approximately a one mile loop.  It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to walk the entire trail.  It could take more or less depending on how many of the 25 nature signs you stop and read. Each nature spot is marked by a number marker and a guide to these markers is located at the kiosk at the entrance.  There is also a fantastic animal print trail near the entrance that our kids really enjoyed.

There is no fee to walk the trail, but an Adventure Pass is required to park at the Arboretum.  That is a $5 pass that can be purchased online or at several general stores in the area.

Restrooms are clean and available for use in the entrance of the park.  Dogs are allowed as long as they are leashed.  Please help keep this park beautiful by picking up any waste you find along the trail and depositing in the trash cans at the entrance.

For more information about Heaps Peak please visit their website: https://www.heapspeakarboretum.com.  There you will find events hosted by the volunteers that maintain this park as well as some great resources about the plant and wildlife in the area.

Directions to Heaps Peak Arboretum can be found here.